Since 2000

Papahristos Rooms is a family business that rent Rooms in Sykia, Sithonia, Halkidikis.

It was established by Giorgos & Litsa Papachristou in the first days of 2000.

Since then we've made a lot of our customers happy by providing them a beautiful place to stay, instructions for the nearby beaches and plenty of Greek hospitality!


Our Standard

1. Hospitality
All of us here at Papahristos Rooms will do our best to make you feel comfortable and cozy! We'll give a taste of Greek hospitality.
2. Cleaning
Your Room will be tidy up and cleaned 5 days a week by our stuff. That'a why you'll be able to relax after your swimming.
3. Facilities (Adults)
The BBQ can be used by anyone who wants to. Just bring your coal and your food. There is also a WiFi connection that can be used from inside and outside of your room.
4. Facilities (Kids)
The playground is here for you! Be free to use it anytime you like. Or you can connect to our WiFi and play with your tablet & smartphones.